The Little Garden Schoolhouse is equipped with learning aids and facilities designed for special education programmes.



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Little Garden of The Special PeopleLittle Garden of The Special People

Our school infrastructure provides a wholesome environment to house children and youths with a diverse range of special developmental and learning needs, including autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and multiple disabilities, which may involve a combination of intellectual, physical, visual and/or hearing impairments.

Life SkillsLife Skills

Our life skills curriculum approach blends academic, daily living, personal/social, and occupational skills into integrated lessons designed to help students learn to function independently in society. These students do possess the potential to live and work in the community if they receive appropriate life skills instructions such as numeracy, literacy, travelling and journaling.

Group WorkshopGroup Workshop

Expression through arts or participating in group movement are activities for special needs children that can help improve these difficulties and put children with special needs on the level of their neurotypical peers. Understanding emotions is important for an individual and for learning how to interact in peer groups. We focus on group activities for special needs children that focus on social and emotional skills.

Fun In Nature EscapadeFun In Nature Escapade

Holidays can be a challenging time for children with special needs and their parents. Many families face a decrease in school and therapeutic hours. This may leave parents with extra time to fill during the day. In a supportive outdoor atmosphere of acceptance, fun & adventure, we welcome children and adults of all developmental disabilities. Experience our enriching outdoor camp programs & activities firsthand!